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  • Didn't you used to be Automated Transactions?
    Yes, we were. We have expanded our service offerings to Point of Sale Systems in addition to credit card processing because we have proven ourselves a dependable resource to our local merchants.
  • Do I really get a credit card terminal for free, with no contract?"
    Yes. We are brokers who work on getting the right equipment for you. We want you to have the best equipment with no commitment because when your business thrives, so does ours. We pride ourselves on our many satisfied merchants. You can visit our website to see videos of how we have helped our merchants
  • I am happy with my current processor/I have to use my bank. Why would I switch?
    First, our rates are very competitive, but, most importantly, we service all the equipment we provide. You call us when you have an issue, not a toll free number. If we cannot fix the problem, we work with our manufacturers to fix it, or get you working equipment the same or next day. Call us 24/7 and we will usually answer the phone or return your call in minutes. Your bank does not process locally, and you can switch processors whenever you wish. Of course they want to keep your business, but the decision is yours.
  • Choosing a point of sale system is confusing. How can you help?
    We agree that it is confusing. The advantage of using us is that we walk you through the process of finding out what you need and expect from your POS system. We help you think of how it can make your life easier and consider your budget as well. We are a broker for some of the top POS systems out there and can help you choose wisely. And, we help with installation, set up, training, and service.
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